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Hospital Clínic Barcelona

Integrated care targeting patients suffering from chronic conditions

a professional and a healthcare institutional perspective
Integrated care unit Hospital Clínic
Czech Republic

Masaryk university
Faculty of Medicine
Institue of Biostatistics and Analyses
Kamenice 3
625 00

I am mostly focused on elderly patients – people with dementia, people with incontinentia, and with chronic wounds – different etiology.

a professional and a research institutional perspective
I am now working at Ministery of Helath – Institution of Health Informatics and statistic and also at Institute of Biostatistic and analyses and department of nursing – we are preparing new guidelines for dementia care, wound care guidelines were already implemented on national level…
Städtische Kliniken Mönchengladbach GmbH
Romanian League Against Rheumatism Romanian Society for Rheumatology

Rheumatic Diseases
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Patient Registries

a professional and a healthcare institutional perspective
National Registry for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients
Ene d.o.o. (Slovenija)

I have a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and have been working in the fields of physical rehabilitation, physiological research, ergonomics, health education, and medical journalism.

My area of clinical specialisation is the management / prevention of chronic, complex, and age-related health conditions. In addition, I have considerable expertise in designing and delivering effective balance enhancement and falls prevention programs.

My training in the Western health sciences is complemented by forty years experience as a practitioner and teacher of Eastern mind/body therapies and martial arts. Drawing on this background I have developed and extensively utilised in clinic my own proprietary modality, Kinergetix Movement Therapy (KMT). This modality is in essence an eclectic integration of the most efficacious evidence-based Eastern and Western mind/body therapeutic methods.

a professional and a healthcare institutional perspective
Established Ene d.o.o. as a health care provider specialising in the address of modern health problems⎯i.e. chronic illness, disability and infirmity related to or consequent to lifestyle, environment, and ageing issues.
The business was originally incorporated in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU) in 2008, and I am currently in the process of establishing an Australian branch.

Service delivery covers Slovenia (central and southern regions) and Italy (north-east), and includes a range of training packages that feature home-based, solo, group, and workplace modules. Group training sessions safely and effectively manage up to forty participants simultaneously, thereby reducing costs and maximising resources.

The central feature of the company’s clinical activities is a unique and innovative modality, Kinergetix Movement Therapy (KMT), which is the product of forty years of my experience working in the health sciences, both mainstream and alternative. KMT embodies a wholistic approach to health, integrating clinically validated exercise therapies compounded from the Western sciences of physiotherapy, human movement and fitness conditioning, with Eastern mind/body therapies and martial arts.

KMT programs have produced significant and enduring outcomes in the management of arthritis, back / neck pain, balance issues, cancer (cervical, prostate and mediastinal), cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, immune-system deficits, musculoskeletal injury, various neuropathies, osteoporosis, and respiratory disorders.

KMT has been extensively field-tested and refined over the last twelve years and has shown itself to be far more effective than anything else available on the market or in clinic for dealing with chronic and aging-related disease / disability issues.
Université Rennes 1, faculté de médecine CNRS, UMR 6051 CHU Rennes

Research focus : integrated care, case managment, implementation of public policies for aged people

a professional and a research institutional perspective

Nursing education, Surgical nursing, Diabetic foot screening and education, Ostomy care, Quality of life of patient with stoma, Wound care, Palliative nursing care.

a professional and a research institutional perspective
Quality of life of patient with diabetic foot ulcer

Lublin University of Technology Faculty of Management Department of Economics and Management of Economy

Research focus: the legal and economic aspects of the functioning of the EU, a new model of regional policy, innovation policy models, and institutional systems for European funds management and implementation, policy and project management

Policy focus: less developed regions, entrepreneurship and innovation, implementation of RSI and smart specialisation, evaluation and selection of projects, the general system of implementation of European funds

Practical work experience: since 2006 permanent scientific expert and lecturer for the advisory firms WYG International Inc. and WYGPSDB Inc. (an author and co-author of over 70 evaluation reports for governments, ministries, self-governments and governmental agencies in Poland)

a professional and a research institutional perspective
Expert in the field of implementation and monitoring system of the RIS3 for the Lubelskie region, where healthcare is one of the smart specialisations
Author of the monitoring and evaluation system for RIS of Lubelskie and Mazowieckie region
External expert supervising and supporting the implementation of the project “Regional Economic Change Management System” for Lubelskie region
Expert in Interreg IVC projects: FRESH (Strengthening sustainable value creation development at regional level) and TR3S (Towards Regional spEcialisation for Smart growth spirit)

Implementation IQ

Implementation of healthcare and life science innovations

an industrial perspective
Giving advice on implementation of healthcare and life science innovations.