IMPLEMENT is a Research Project funded under the Seventh Framework Program of the EU|



Implementation Science is still quite young. Much knowledge has not been translated into scientific studies and papers yet. Next to that, a lot of issues may be typical of a culture or country. Only experts can give the whole picture. This expertise comes not only from the scientific world, but also from experts that work in government, industry and healthcare. And let us not forget the expertise of patients and their care givers (often relatives), whose knowledge is indispensable in making improvements work.

All these experts will contribute to the Implementation Research Agenda and as such be part of the IMPLEMENT Network.

What we ask

  • Fill in your personal expert profile

When your application to contribute to IMPLEMENT has been accepted, this means IMPLEMENT regards you as an expert concerning implementation in chronic care. We would like you to join our EU Network as such. You will be kindly requested to fill in you personal expert profile, so others can find you.

  • Give feedback on the concept Research Agenda

The concept Research Agenda will be sent to the members of the Network for feedback.

  • References

IMPLEMENT wants to form a Community of Experts. Your references of experts and expert institutes that should be a member of the Network also, will be very welcome.

What we offer in return

  • Have Influence

The EU funds IMPLEMENT. By that, the EU underlines the importance of finding the gaps concerning implementation research. Being able to influence the deliverable of IMPLEMENT, the Research Agenda, means being able to influence the future effort of the EU to improve matters. The experts that contribute to IMPLEMENT, execute this influence.

  • Be Part of the Network

Contributing to IMPLEMENT, means automatically being an expert member of the Chronic Care Implementation Network. For the benefits of taking part in the network, see the page ‘Network’.

  • Have Your Expertise Recognized 

Becoming a contributor to IMPLEMENT is on invitation or application only. This is because the expertise brought into IMPLEMENT, must be recognized as such by peers. The other way around, being a member of the expert population of IMPLEMENT means being a recognized expert on implementation of improvements in chronic care.

Apply now!

IMPLEMENT cordially invites experts from science, industry, government and practice (both as professional and as patient/volunteer) to join the project. As a participant, you help formulate the Research Agenda and you will be part of the Implementation Network.  

If you want to apply for participation, please click the button:

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More information on IMPLEMENT: IMPLEMENT Abstract  Scientific Master Document IMPLEMENT