IMPLEMENT is a Research Project funded under the Seventh Framework Program of the EU|



The IMPLEMENT Network consists of expert institutes and individual experts representing the important stakeholders in chronic care innovation: Research, Industry, Government and Practical Expertise (healthcare institutes, patients and professionals). In every country, a National Expert Center is active on behalf of the Network.

Benefits of Membership 

  • Be Part of Active Network of Experts 

During IMPLEMENT, the experts contributing to the surveys automatically become members of the network. As such, a community of active and acknowledged experts around implementation in chronic care, forms itself. At the same time an institutional network will be formed, consisting of leading institutes in each EU country.

  • Exchange Knowledge

Since IMPLEMENT sets out to identify gaps in knowledge concerning implementation throughout the EU, it becomes clear where knowledge exists that is lacking in other parts of the population. The IMPLEMENT Network will accommodate contact between these gaps and the knowledge to fill it, i.e. the experts that are looking for knowledge and the experts that may offer it.

  • Be the First to Know and Act

The IMPLEMENT Network will be an important stage on which the Research Agenda is presented, discussed and provided with future action. This means that for experts with ambitions regarding implementation in chronic care, the IMPLEMENT Network is the ‘place to be’. As such, the IMPLEMENT Network will be the most likely platform for new alliances that carry the implementation science further.

  • Stay Connected After Project IMPLEMENT

After IMPLEMENT as a project has reached its goal, the project itself terminates. However, the IMPLEMENT Network will continue and as implementations science evolves, the stature of the Network will grow accordingly.

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More information on IMPLEMENT: IMPLEMENT Abstract  Scientific Master Document IMPLEMENT