IMPLEMENT is a Research Project funded under the Seventh Framework Program of the EU|



Implementation is highly practical: it only is a success if the innovation is actually used in practice. The success of IMPLEMENT as a project is judged as practically: it is the impact that counts.

  • More Effect from EU Funding

IMPLEMENT is a FP7 project. The interim evaluation of the FP7 program (2010) mentioned that ‘a crucial point is that research is necessary, but not always sufficient for achieving economically significant innovations’. IMPLEMENT wants to increase the knowledge about crucial success factors for implementation. These will, when incorporated in evaluation criteria, improve the impact of further funding of not only FP7 projects but also Horizon 2020 projects.

  • Better EU Citizens’ Health 

IMPLEMENT’s impact on the overall health of EU citizens will be great, creating chances for breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

  • More Economic Growth

The majority of health care expenses (around 75%) are related to chronic illnesses. These expenses will only increase: between 2012 and 2060 throughout the EU an increase in healthcare costs of 40%-80% is expected. Improving future research and implementation of innovations in chronic care, will not only lower the costs of healthcare, but also increase the productivity as employees will be able to work longer in good health.

  • Opportunities for Industry

Healthcare innovations that do not reach patients are a waste of time, expertise and resources. As knowledge on implementation in chronic care becomes available, the industry may in an earlier product development stage work on implementation issues, thus better facilitating the market success of their product or innovation.