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  • IMPLEMENT is a 2 year EU FP7 project that started on September 1 2013.

  • IMPLEMENT aims at accelerating improvements in care and support for people with chronic illnesses.

  • IMPLEMENT does this by closing the ‘knowledge gaps’ concerning implementation, in developing an Implementation Research Agenda and an IMPLEMENT Network.

  • Need for Improvements

    Europe’s population is growing older at a rapid pace. This demographic trend is threatening the financing, future access to and quality of healthcare in Europe.

    Already today, for a large part (75%) the demand and the rising costs of healthcare are caused by an increasing number of Europeans suffering from chronic diseases. The only way to meet this challenge is to introduce improvements that offer chronic care closer to the patient in residential settings, combined with technological innovations in self-management support and delivery system design.

    Knowledge gaps

    Many research projects, innovators and manufacturers deliver promising inventions that should help European healthcare forward. However, a healthcare invention will only become a healthcare improvement when it is actually used in a healthcare setting. In order to make this happen, the invention has to be implemented. This is not as obvious at it seems, because an astonishingly small number of research outcomes actually makes it to the clinical practice or the patient.  IMPLEMENT wants to close the ‘knowledge gaps’ that prevent implementation projects to be a success. This paves the way to accelerating improvements in chronic care.

    More information on IMPLEMENT: Implement Abstract  Scientific Master Document IMPLEMENT


    Organisations behind IMPLEMENT

  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

  • Prof. John Øvretveit, Karolinska (Chairman)

    The Karolinska Institutet Medical University is a public Higher Education Institution offering study programs in all fields. It hosts 5,000 students and has over 2.000 staff members. Karolinska is a campus based University with high quality study and research activities. Karolinska participates in many international programs and receives international students from all over the world, especially from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

  • Implementation IQ, The Netherlands

  • Mark Bloemendaal MSc, MBA (Project Manager)

    Implementation IQ is specialized in the implementation of healthcare innovations. IIQ supports both healthcare innovators and healthcare institutions. IIQ has developed software tools by which it supports organisations with the implementation of innovations. IIQ will further develop and scientifically prove its methods. The focus of the research is on the one hand to be able to quantify the innovations regarding the possibilities of a broad use in the Dutch healthcare system, and on the other hand to improve the development of implementation strategies and tools.

  • Tilburg University, The Netherlands

  • Prof. Inge Bongers

    Tilburg University is one of the main Dutch universities, committed to achieving prominence in all of its academic disciplines – economics and management, law, social sciences, humanities, and theology.  The department Tranzo of Tilburg University is a research department on Transformations in Health care and Welfare. It aims at bridging science and practice by performing interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with societal partners within the field. 

  • Achmea, The Netherlands

  • Prof. Robbert Huijsman

    Achmea is the largest health insurance provider in the Netherlands, with several offices throughout Europe. The main offices are located in nine key centres across the Netherlands and in total Achmea employs over 17,000 people in the Netherlands and 4,000 people abroad. Achmea division health has a department dedicated to Quality and Innovation (Q&I), led by Prof. Robbert Huijsman.

    More information on IMPLEMENT: Implement Abstract  Scientific Master Document IMPLEMENT